Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm not dead, just writing a grant

I expect to kick-start this puppy in August. I've been working on a grant, which I will send out next week.

As for the Boltzmann distribution post I keep promising, I luckily found a good text, Statistical Mechanics: A Survival Guide. It has an amazingly clear description of its derivation, and answers exactly the questions I was getting confused about (and this was after consulting a few physicsts and stat mech texts).

I will work up a brief summary of what I've learned about Boltzmann once I'm back. Also, I want to go back and edit some of my earlier entries to make them more clear and felicitious in their composition. I'd also like to change the format of the site, to make room for expansion in the future. Oh, and finish summarizing the first half of Hille and get on to more books!!! I'm thinking of something a bit more fun, and amenable to discussion, like Sejnowski's '23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience' or something.

See you all at SFN!


Dan Dright said...

I've grabbed the links to the simulators you have on your site; I gave you credit and linked back to you. Thanks for the detective work!


Dan Dright said...

I also added your site to my blogroll. :)

Eric Thomson said...

Thanks Dan. I returned the favor.

Dan Dright said...

thanks! done with boltzmann yet?

Pete Mandik said...

Hi Eric,

Do you think your future expansion to this blog might include philosophical posts? I was just reading some of your comments on spatial content over at Conscious Entitities blog and I thought they were pretty interesting.



Eric Thomson said...

Pete, hi. This will remain pretty narrowly neural in emphasis.The next book I pick will be less textbook biophysics, probably more systems level stuff.

I am rattling a couple of books around in my head (e.g., Sejnowski's 23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience and the slightly more prosaic, but excellent-looking, The Computational Neurobiology of Reaching and Pointing).

Ultimately, I hope that the blog gains enough momentum so that a couple of people read along, comment, and have discussions for the book under the lens. In the meantime, I'm happy with the 'blog' just being a repository for my summaries. The Hille book summary is a labour of love, and I am doing it partly so I can have the summaries online for students (such biophysics is the toughest part of neuroscience that simply must be taught in an intro class).