Thursday, July 28, 2005

ICEM: Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents of Ion Channels of Excitable Membranes. As we progress through the book, to each chapter title below will be added a link to the first post on that chapter.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Description of Channels
Chapter 2: Classical biophysics of the squid giant axon
Chapter 3: The superfamily of voltage-gated channels
Chapter 4: Voltage-gated calcium channels
Chapter 5: Potassium channels and chloride channels
Chapter 6: Ligand-gated channels of fast chemical synapses
Chapter 7: Modulation, slow synaptic action, and second messengers
Chapter 8: Sensory transduction and excitable cells
Chapter 9: Calcium dynamics, epithelial transport, and intercellular coupling

Part II: Principles and mechanisms of function
Chapter 10: Elementary properties of ions in solution
Chapter 11: Elementary properties of pores
Chapter 12: Counting channels and measuring fluctuations
Chapter 13: Structure of channel proteins
Chapter 14: Selective permeability: independence
Chapter 15: Selective permeability: saturation and binding
Chapter 16: Classical mechanisms of block
Chapter 17: Structure-function studies of permeation and block
Chapter 18: Gating mechanisms: kinetic thinking
Chapter 19: Gating: voltage sensing and inactivation
Chapter 20: Modification of gating in voltage-sensitive channels
Chapter 21: Cell biology and channels
Chapter 22: Evolution and origins